“I worked with Kathy Bowersox for over 2 1/5 years as I transitioned to a new leadership position.  Our work focused on executive development but Kathy used a balanced life focus that assured we addressed my play as well as my work.  She has a nicely structured assessment format that allowed me to explore areas of strengths and areas for improvement.  Once it was clear what my development needs were she helped me develop some very useful tools that I continue to use, revising as my needs and focus change.  We met twice a month and used a nice structure to prepare for each session but Kathy was always flexible in case an issue or new priority came up.  She was also available for crises or to provide feedback when I had a difficult conversation.   At the end of 2 1/5 years I feel like I am very comfortable in my executive role and that I am performing well, as evidenced by strong evaluations from my supervisor and even stronger 360s.   I will continue to use the tools Kathy taught me and am confident moving forward that I am prepared for the challenges of my position.” - Dr. Kathryn Fiandt PhD, FAANP, Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Clinical Affairs, The Finke Distinguished Chair of Nursing Arts, UTMB School of Nursing, Galveston, TX

"Kathy, I want you to know how grateful I am that you have become part of Bauer College's Alumni experience.  Thank you for all you do." - John O'Dell, Director of Alumni Development, C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston, Houston, TX


“Because the Professional Business Coaches Alliance has the highest standards in our industry, we have a lot of great coaches.  One of our programs is our Buddy Coaching Program, where we coach each other as well.  So what did I do as the founder of the PBCA?  I cherry-picked Kathy as my coach!  She is an incredible person and an incredible coach.  In all honesty, you will know that immediately when you meet her that this is true.  Grab her as your coach as fast as you can, before your competition gets the chance!  She has my highest respect and recommendation.  You are welcome to contact me at any time if you have any questions about her.”  - John M. Deagan, President & Founder, Professional Business Coaches Alliance, Canton, OH

“Kathy really knows how to move you from point A to B....very logically but with compassion.  She has terrific ideas and is a great person to partner with.  I would recommend Kathy highly as a professional you want on your team as you grow a small business, organizational team....or yourself.” – Connie Fullerton, Managing Director, MetLife, Houston, TX

"As president and founder of Success in the City and the Chrysalis Award program, it was important to have women of integrity and experience to sponsor this life-changing program.  Kathy Bowersox has served on our Advisory team for the past two Chrysalis Award programs for very good reason; she's an expert at what she does. 

She has devoted countless hours to the growth and development of the recipients of the Chrysalis program and she has been very instrumental in re-focusing the direction of each of their companies to help them achieve new found personal and professional growth. 

Kathy's work and dedication go beyond her coaching.  Her devotion to women in our community, her friends, and her personal life reflect the passion with which she has built her career.

It has been a tremendous pleasure to have Kathy as a Key Advisor to our program." - Christine Stilwell, President & Founder, Success in the City, Houston, TX

“I would highly recommend Kathleen Bowersox to any company not only for her Business Coaching practice but also for her expertise in management and leadership.  Kathleen has been an enormous help to me and to the success of Akula Consulting, going out of her way to help facilitate and develop critical relationships for us in the Houston business community.  Kathleen seems to have the right answer for every question and her suggestions and guidance have been a tremendous help!” - Matthew Hiller, Partner, Akula Consulting, Houston, TX

“Kathy has a wonderful ability to ask the right questions, develop the right strategies and become part of the “team” to help her clients come up with a game plan to achieve the goals they have set out for themselves personally or professionally.  She takes the time to understand the client's situation and/or business environment with thought provoking inquiries and then moves forward to help form the right game plan to help achieve the client’s goals.  Her professional approach is a proven one that I respect and trust knowing the same approach has helped her build a very successful business and career.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Kathy for business or executive coaching." – Kevin L. Spears, CPA, President, CFO Synergies, Houston, TX

"Kathy is an accomplished speaker, counselor and business\executive coach.  I have attended her seminars and am always impressed with her expert delivery with relevant and valuable content.  Kathy has provided exceptional professional development content for one of my professional networking groups on a weekly basis.  Every time I have invested my personal time with Kathy, she has always provided extraordinary wisdom and knowledge that has improved my life or situation.  When I have asked Kathy to assist me with projects, she consistently performs masterfully.  I regularly refer Kathy to friends and associates that want to take their business or career to the next level and she has made a believer of all of them.  Kathy is a rare gem that is a positive influence to all that she works with.  Frankly, I know many individuals in her field and she is simply the best." – Louis Gonzales, Business Development Manager, X-ISS, Houston, TX

“Kathy makes discovering your passion Fun.  She asks revealing, soul searching questions.  In and of itself pretty exceptional, but what really makes Kathy so important to your success is her ability to call your bluff.  Knowing how to bluff and redirect is valuable in business, not so valuable when facing tough internal questions.  If you want to succeed, (whatever that may mean to you) and really find what you want, Kathy will show you how.” – Adam Segal, Director of Investments, Brock Financial Group, Houston, TX

"Some professionals in Kathy's field promise a lot, then deliver only the bare minimum, if that.  Kathy, on the other hand, quickly analyzes the key items on your business priorities list and turns each into a new opportunity--often with options you had never considered!  She's also very generous with her excellent network.  I highly recommend her." – Carey Giudici, Owner, The Editorial Group, Inc., Houston, TX

"Before starting to work with Kathy Bowersox, I was an entrepreneur who had little experience in management, much less knowing how to become a great leader and growing a company.  What I did have was a great business idea and a good start.  I knew that if I wanted to continue to grow my business, I was going to need some help.

I found Kathy to be the most qualified person to help me achieve my goals.  Her past corporate and coaching experience, her understanding of human behavior and what motivates people to change, and her incredible communication skills have been a huge asset in helping me.  One of things that I felt stood out about Kathy was that not only could she talk the talk, but also; she certainly walks the walk.

I knew the company that I wanted to build was going to be something incredible!  Working closely with Kathy, I successfully designed our foundation, core values, and corporate culture, and have been able to implement these elements throughout all levels of my company.  Additionally, Kathy had a tremendous tool chest of some great marketing, sales, customer service, and human resources strategies that we continue to use.

Because of my lack of experience at managing employees, Kathy gave me not only some great insight, but also some valuable tools that we use every day.  Additionally, due to the difficulty of such a fast growing business, in the past year I had to make some tough decisions regarding organizational structure and deal with some difficult employee issues, including the possibility of some terminations.  Kathy's previous experience in working with companies dealing with these issues was a Godsend as I worked through these decisions and the technicalities of how to handle the logistics of this process.

I certainly believe that Kathy's coaching has made an integral contribution to the incredible growth and success of my company, and that my work with her has helped us grow from sales of $2 million to over $5 million dollars in sales in one year of operation.

I continue to work with Kathy and know that our coaching together will be instrumental in assisting me in steering my company in the direction I want it to go, and managing future growth, while implementing programs that will still allow me time for my family life as I continue to grow and develop the business. 

I would highly recommend coaching with Kathy to any business owner or executive who is struggling with managing all of the demands on their time and resources." - L.A., Owner/CEO, Manufacturing Company, Houston, TX 

“I have had the opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Kathy to a number of friends and associates as a personal business coach." - Joe Stiles, Branch Manager, Network Funding, LP

"Good presentation, good selection of materials.  I really enjoyed learning more about my style, it's amazing how accurate the assessment was, thank you!  Fantastic - very interesting profile - it came out to be me!  Learned about motivating people.  Very great presentation - exceeded all expectations!  Well done, thanks; better communication skills will lead to better employees." - Various Attendees, Regarding the "Enhancing Leadership Skills Through Exceptional Communication with Extended DISC" Seminar presented to Grant Prideco's International Human Resources Managers

"Changing jobs voluntarily or otherwise can be a traumatic experience.  Kathy was a great help to me during my transition from a formal position to independent contractor.  With her help and value added advice I was able to refocus my career and life and expand my horizon to see avenues of advancement I might never have thought of without her help.  Its not just a job with Kathy; the meetings we had expanded into a friendship that has continued now for 3 years since we first met.  Commitment and dedication to each person is a life value that Kathy shows in all her activities." - Fredrick V. Jones, Ph.D., Environmental Advisor, ExxonMobil, Sakhalin, Russia

"Kathy, I first would like to thank you for your help in my job search. The resume you helped me prepare, as well as the knowledge I gained from your instructing was quite helpful in my job search.  Those potential employers whom I spoke with were very much impressed with my resume and my presentation.  Frankly, both my previous resume and the way I would have handled my interviews prior to your instruction would not have gotten me the job I have landed.  Thank you!

My new position is Field Service Engineer.  I will have the opportunity, as I gain experience, to move into a management position and international assignments due to the growth of this industry.

In my interview for this position, the interviewer said that before she tells me about the job, she would like to know more about my background.  I used the techniques I was taught and began to talk about my background.  As I was finishing up, she threw up her hand and said, "There goes my thunder!  Everything you are talking about is what I am looking for."

As for the salary, I did set my price at the upper level of the price range for this field and I was able to negotiate a bit higher price than they had originally offered.  The overall outcome was that I ended up with a salary that is a bit higher than my previous job.  Here again, your instruction was a big help.

As you can see, you were a blessing, thank you!" - Joe M., Engineer, Houston, TX 

"Kathy's training and coaching has been instrumental to my current job search.  The tools she provided helped me logically piece together my success stories, goals, etc.   I'm going into interviews prepared and feeling confident.  In addition to the wonderful resources and tools she recommended, Kathy provided a wealth of information in our phone sessions.  She helped me understand how to identify contacts, approach them, and find success.  Using the methods and techniques she gave me, I have made huge inroads into several organizations.  Kathy is understanding, patient, and extremely knowledgeable.  She is available for a quick feedback or pep talk, too.  I cannot speak highly enough of Kathy's performance.

Kathy, I'd like to personally thank you for the guidance and encouragement you provided to me last Spring during my job search.  The information you shared was incredibly helpful in my search.  More importantly, you were a terrific listener, counselor, and supporter." - Cari C., Brand Manager, Energizer, St. Louis, MO

"I would absolutely recommend Kathy Bowersox.  I found her to be most helpful, courteous and very professional.  Being unemployed is not fun, but Kathy made it tolerable and made me feel better about myself and helped restore my confidence.  Thank you very much for your help, and if I can return the favor in anyway please call on me." - Randy B., Director of Investor Relations, Houston, TX

As you can see, I have moved on significantely since Houston 2002.  I'd like to thank you for what you did for me.  I would not be here today without your help. – Thomas T., Chief Security Officer, Germany

"Working with Kathy Bowersox was very informative and very enjoyable.  Kathy did a great job and I feel more confident with my job search.  This is valuable for those in a job search." - Laura L., Boulder, CO

"Kathy Bowersox is great!  She is understanding and helpful above and beyond the call of duty.  It has been a pleasure working with her and her genuine concern is obvious." - Cathy D., Senior Software Sales Executive, Houston, TX 

"Kathy Bowersox is very helpful and encouraging.  She helps you look at your job skills that may appear everyday or ordinary as something that may put you at an advantage in the market place." - Jamie M., Human Resources Specialist, Orange, TX

"I would absolutely recommend Kathy to anyone in transition. She was outstanding to work with!!!" - Ralph F., Account Manager, Houston, TX

"I would definitely recommend Kathy Bowersox to someone going through a career transition.  I enjoyed all the sessions and valuable input presented, helpful comments and suggestions, and overall professionalism and understanding.  Kathy is not only a wonderful person, but also genuinely understood the difficult period of time for me and my family.  It truly matters to me that she was so helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated." - Helen G., Houston, TX

"Kathy Bowersox provided an excellent assessment of my personal strengths and abilities.  Without doubt, many of the concepts/ideas will be utilized in the future.  I think I won't fully appreciate the knowledge learned until later on.  I specifically enjoyed learning about negotiating techniques, preparing a personal commercial statement, and interviewing procedures." - Judy T., Boulder, CO

"Kathy Bowersox is most knowledgeable, and was a joy to be around.  I want to thank her for her personal interest and sincerely helpful attitude.  I believe what I learned is going to be of great value to my future." - Mike L., Lake Jackson, TX

"Kathy is straightforward with patience and takes the time to explain answers to the point of complete understanding.  Her very professional attitude and pleasant character made this the most motivational and helpful career preparation I ever experienced." - John T., Telecommunications Sales Representative, Corpus Christi, TX

"Very good, patient, professional.  I would recommend Kathy Bowersox to more and more companies.  Five stars to Kathy." - N.N., Orange, TX

"My work with Kathy Bowersox was really helpful and informative - it gave me a new outlook on the job search and ways to plan for the future.  Kathy was very informative and really knew her stuff.  Our work has been extremely beneficial in helping me focus on a direction towards a career.  Kathy has been a great guide, providing clear points and examples." - Vince I., Sales Representative, Boulder, CO

"Kathy did a good job in showing me how to develop a resume and talk positively about myself.  She was a tremendous help." - Donny M., Orange, TX

"I feel properly briefed and ready to professionally begin the job search.  Kathy presented concepts that I never considered in a way that was very useful and not intimidating.  She did a wonderful job of explaining major concepts in a clear, concise, and easy to understand way.  A+!  Thank you, Kathy!" - Greg V., Boulder, CO

"I am pleased overall after working with Kathy Bowersox.  Kathy was well prepared and I felt that she truly cared about my situation.  With the information and feedback she provided, I feel confident that my job search will be fruitful." - David O., Telecommunications, Corpus Christi, TX

"Working with Kathy Bowersox' instruction has been extremely helpful and informative.   She brought up many issues that I would have never have thought of.  I anticipate that I will be incorporating what I have learned into my current and future career transitions.  Really helpful.  Thanks!" - Jane V., Clothing Designer, Boulder, CO

"Kathleen Rocks!  Not only does she have all the information about being successful in a job search, but she is also willing to accept other ideas that may contradict the material she shares." - Mike M., Boulder, CO

"Kathy is very nice - precise and full of information.  Helpful but not bombarding with her own ideas.  Gives helpful tips and recommendations." - Jessica T., Orange, TX

"The two sessions of the "Personal Branding" Teleclass were excellent.  They were informative, well prepared, and highly useful for me.  Kathy was an excellent facilitator who was sensitive to the questions asked and also made the sessions fun." - Mary Alice Hurd, Ph.D., Life Coach, Dallas, TX 

"Kathy quickly and easily related to the group's needs.  A presentation that was very useful and motivational." - Elaine Dreyer - Regarding "Personal Branding" Teleclass

"Very good information and very helpful. You gave me some good ideas that I am following up on." - Mindy Wertheimer, Houston, TX - Regarding "Creative Ways to Expand Your Networking" Teleclass

“Kathleen gave me some good insights regarding my job search.  I appreciate her ongoing communications since then.” – Earnest Powell, Management Consultant, Houston, TX

"Kathy knows her job and is very easy to talk to." - Jim L., Clear Lake, TX


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