In the coaching relationship YOU set the agenda.


You determine which areas of your business, career, or life and what projects or issues require clarity, direction and goal setting.


The Role of the Coach


As your coach, I will be your partner in this process.  I wil listen to you and help you focus when focus is needed, clarify when clarification will help the learning, and support you throughout the process.


The Coach-Client Relationship


The coaching relationship is designed to help you uncover the power within you.  Together we will set goals and I will encourage you in achieving these goals.  And as you achieve your goals, the small ones as well as the large ones, I will celebrate your accomplishments with you.


Components of an Effective Business/Executive Coaching Relationship

  • The Coach takes the time to understand the owners'/executives' business and provides systematic developmental methodologies that help the business owner/ executive succeed.

  • The Coach respects the confidentiality of information received from the business owner/executive.

  • The person being coached looks to the Coach for guidance, encouragement and feedback, but does not place on the Coach the responsibility to produce change.  Change is the responsibility of the client.

  • The person being coached must be self-motivated, have a clear sense of need, and be willing to set and accomplish goals.


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