As an Individual                                                             

  • You’ve received a less than favorable performance review and it’s been suggested you need professional development
  • You’ve been passed over for a promotion
  • You want to achieve a leadership position, but need to develop leadership skills
  • You’re heading a major project or have just been promoted to a new leadership position
  • You’re dissatisfied with your career progress and want to move up the corporate ladder more quickly
  • You’re working longer and longer hours and still not achieving all you need to do
  • You’ve experienced a major life change such as a layoff, divorce, new job, and you’re re-evaluating your life and career goals


As a Company

  • You have key employees quitting because of the management style of an executive
  • An executive leading one of your business units is not as effective as he could be
  • An executive does not communicate well with subordinates or with those in your company of different cultures
  • You have an executive planning to leave your company and you want to develop someone to succeed her
  • You want to develop your high potential employees for executive leadership positions
  • You want your executives to learn coaching skills to lead their teams more effectively

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