Once an executive/company decides to hire an Executive Coach, several events take place:

1.     The Executive Coach gathers information about the executive and the business.  A 360 Degree Evaluation shows the strengths and weaknesses currently being demonstrated by the executive and the impact on others; an Extended DISC analysis gives the executive an insight into his/her leadership approach; a VAK analysis shows the way the executive learns best; a Coaching Report for Leaders shows the executive’s leadership and managerial strengths and challenges; and a Business/Personal Life Questionnaire shows the Executive Coach the wants and needs the executive has for themself and their team.

2.     Once the Evaluations and Analyses are completed, then step-by-step best practices that focus on achieving the goals the executive has are developed so that they may be implemented over the coming year.

3.     Then, the Executive Coach and the executive are involved in on-going, regular coaching sessions to help the executive develop an Executive Strategy and implement the best practices that will improve their business, their success, and their life in general. 

An Executive Coach helps business people make their performance and their overall life better; helps them become the leader they know they can be.  The Executive Coach understands the relationship between good business practices, leadership, human resources, systemization, controlling costs, strategic planning, communication and interpersonal skills, understanding human behavior, and organizational demands.  And an Executive Coach has access to hundreds of tools that executives can use to defeat the challenges that are keeping them from achieving the dream they have to achieve great success and be awesome leaders.


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