The following are the areas that we will concentrate on to move your business to where you want it to be.  Each area is critical to the success of your business - whether your goals are to make more money, grow your business, expand into new markets, concentrate on the systemization of your business, or prepare your business for either sale, or the transition to future generations.

While you may not face all of these challenges, the vast majority of business owners that I speak with face them on a daily basis.  If you do not feel challenged in any of these areas, either you have perfected your systems - or you are ignoring areas of HUGE possible growth.  If the former is the case - congratulations!!!  If the latter is the case, please do yourself, your family, and your staff the favor of improving in that area.  The results can be dramatic.

There are three key areas that business owners scream "HELP ME!!!" on a regular basis:

  • Profitability
  • Human Resources
  • Lack of Free Time

These three areas are all specifically addressed when you work with me.  I will help you develop systems in each of these areas to ensure that you have:  ever-increasing revenues and profits, a motivated and well-trained staff, and more free time to spend with your family and your hobbies - by owning a business that runs without you.

Please note:  I am not one of those fancy consultants who do a report that ends up on your shelf, or make a speech to get you excited for a couple of days and subsequently leave you stranded.  If you choose my most popular program (the Premier Coaching Program), I will meet with you on a regular basis (either weekly or semi-monthly) for a minimum of 12-18 months to teach you some great business strategies, brainstorm with you, prepare specific strategies to move you forward, hold you accountable, and move you to where you want and need to be.  I become a part of your team; and your success becomes a part of my life and my passion.

Congratulations on making the decision to take control of your business!  By working with me, you will make the dreams that you have had for your business and for your life - come true.



Marketing is crucial for the health of your business.  Put simply, marketing is getting people that need your product or service to contact you instead of one of your competitors.

I have over 100 strategies that we can implement into your business to ensure that you are contacted by your target market.

I have the tools and experience to help you:

  • Examine the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy,
  • Position your product or service in the market to make it stand out from your competition,
  • Begin a program of testing and measuring the results of your dollars spent so that we discover what works most effectively in your business.
  • Implementation of additional (or improved) marketing strategies including but not limited to:
    o Improved advertising (newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, yellow pages, etc.),
    o Press releases,
    o Referral programs,
    o Direct mail
    o Signage and displays,
    o Packaging,
    o Plus more!!!

More often than not, I find that we are able to reduce marketing costs while increasing the leads/customers generated, thus giving you more dollars as well as more customers!

Example:  If you currently generate 10 customers per day, and through working with me, increase that number to just 12 customers per day, you will increase your profits by over 20%!!!


Sales is the next step in the business cycle and is essential - because nothing happens until someone sells something.  Once we have driven more people to you through marketing, we must now "convert" that customer into a repeat customer.

I have nearly 80 strategies to improve the sales process, and I will help you to design a sales system that is effective.

I will walk through your current sales system, test and measure the results, and help you to design a system that converts a higher percentage of prospects into repeat customers.  That means more sales, and more profits for your business!

I have the tools and experience to help you:
* Develop a consistent, effective sales system,
* Make it easier for your customers to repeat
* Train your sales staff,
* Convert a higher percentage of customers into repeat customers,
* Plus more!!!
If you are currently converting 3 of 10 customers into repeat customers and, through working with me, increase that number to 4 of 10 - your revenues will increase by 33%!!!

Customer Service

Customer service is essential for getting customers to spend more with you, come back more often, and tell their friends about you!  It is six times (6X) more expensive to find new customers than it is to get past customers to return, so giving your customers exactly what they expect is essential for the future of your business.  Consistency is the key to great customer service!

We will examine how you are currently servicing your clients as well as examine how we can improve these systems to get them buying more from you.  This means less money spent searching for new customers, greater sales, and more profits for you and your business!

I have the tools and experience to help you:
* Deliver your product or service with consistency,
* Turn your current "satisfied" customers into "Raving Fans" that will promote your business for you,
* Teach your employees how to upsell and cross-sell current customers to increase your average-dollar sale,
* Create an on-going relationship with your customers so that they visit you again and again,
* Plus more!!!
Obviously, "Raving Fan" customers that want to help you grow your business enable you to market for less money, make more sales and develop a reputation for quality, consistent service.

In addition, if their average dollar purchase increases by even 10% (e.g. $50 to $55), you will increase your profits by 10%!!!

Financial Management

You marketed, sold, and serviced your customers.  How much money is left for you to take home to your family, go on vacations, or buy the toys that you want to have?  If you are like most company owners that I have talked to, the answer is, "not enough!!!"

I have nearly 40 strategies to improve your profit margins so that you take home more of the money that you work hard to generate.

Since I am a business owner also, I will make sure that you understand and use: your financial statements, budgeting, cash flows, ratio analysis, breakeven points, etc.  Financial analysis may sound "boring" to you, but I am able to present it in a way that you will truly understand and appreciate.

I have the knowledge and the tools to help you:
* Increase your profit margins,
* Understand your financial information,
* Improve efficiency,
* Establish strategies to trim costs,
* Plus more!!!
If your current profit margin is 25%, and through working with me, you are able to increase it to 28%, you will increase your profits by 12%!!!


Increasing Your Profits Summary

Focusing on one area alone may or may not generate more profits for you.  However, focusing on several different areas, setting up systems to ensure that new strategies are employed every day, and monitoring your results for future strategic initiatives can have a HUGE impact on your bottom line.

For example, if you look back over the small gains that we have noted, the following bottom-line increase WILL happen:
Increase in customers:                                            20% (from 10 to 12 per day)
Increase in repeat customer conversion rate          33% (from 30% to 40%)
Increase in average dollar sale                                10% (from $50 to $55)
Increase in profit percentage                                    12% (from 25% to 28%)
INCREASE IN NET PROFIT                                   97% (that's almost DOUBLE!!!)
And it's NOT just "theory."  These are PROVEN strategies that you can OWN by working with me!!!

Human Resources

I have programs designed to ensure that you have the proper mix of employees to service your customers and keep them coming back.  The greatest assets that you have are your employees!!!  While you may have heard people say this in the past, you also may be shaking your head, because you do not currently have a dynamic, engaged staff.  Essentially, it is imperative that your staff be well trained on how they should do their jobs - because it is your staff that has the majority of customer contact.
Your job as the owner is to create a system, LEAD them, make sure that they understand your company goals, have the knowledge to make sound decisions, and have the tools to effectively serve your customers.  Your customers are the people who make your business.  The owner (you) is the one who profits from the business.

Obviously, having well-trained employees, working in a job that they enjoy, and within a system that delivers consistent results has a HUGE impact on your business.

I have the tools and experience to help you:
* Become a better leader through leadership training,
* Create "ideal employee" job descriptions,
* Understand Employees' motivational factors,
* Evaluate employees objectively and more timely,
* Plus more!!!
A bad hire/bad employee who is disengaged can literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  Having an excellent HR system can make your company more profitable - and more fun!!!

Systemizing your Company

In the above revenue-generating categories, I have addressed "developing a system to..."  In addition to the revenue generating systems, additional systems will eventually allow you to step away from your business to whatever extent that you desire.

Business owners have grand dreams when they get the entrepreneurial bug.  They want to not only make more money and develop an asset that will lead to their family's financial security, but they also dream of having more time off to enjoy life.  Unfortunately, the VAST majority of business owners subsequently find that they have LESS time to enjoy their life outside of their business.

Unless you, as a business owner, have developed systems that run your company - your dream will NEVER come true!  You will never go on an extended vacation and return to the business having made more money than you had spent and having no additional work when you return.

That's not a business - that's a JOB.

Through working with me, you will move from owning a job - to owning a successful business that runs without YOU.

Strategic Planning

I have a wide range of products and services that help you to design the company that you have always dreamed of.  Let's face it, whether or not you have had a business plan done in the past, if you are like 99.9% of business owners, you are too busy "putting out fires" on an everyday basis to effectively plan for the future of your business.

Planning is essential to materialize your dreams.  However, a plan without subsequent actions is simply a waste of both time and money.  That's why the planning that I do is ACTION oriented - not just a bunch of numbers and projections.

My business plan is NOT a fancy leather bound document that you show your friends and then put on your shelf and forget about.  It is fluid and active.  We work on it every week and we WILL take action.

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