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What is Business Coaching?


Business coaching is a relatively new profession that helps business owners to plan better, take better actions and improve their bottom line results.

A recent study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 70% of small business owners turn to spouses or family members for the majority of their business advice - and we know that most small businesses eventually fail! This is where a business coach comes in. Business coaches meet with the owner on a regular basis for an extended period of time to set goals, create strategy, ensure actions are being taken, provide tools, train the owner and staff, measure results, and refine strategies.

Business coaching is an intentional relationship between two or more people that facilitates shifts in the thinking, behavior and performance of the business person. Business coaching enables the business person to be in a position to grow and achieve goals that they consider important. Business coaching is an interactive process that expands business peoples' effectiveness at both business and life-skills and allows them to identify obstacles that can hinder them from moving forward and attaining their goals.

If you were to observe a business coaching session over a period of time, you would see that it is a series of conversations between the Business Coach and client, moving along a predictable process through identifiable steps. The steps are: establish focus, promote discovery, determine action plan, establish next steps, and follow-up. Business coaches ask questions and listen; they explore, challenge, encourage, probe, suggest, facilitate, focus, and stimulate.

Coaching is:

  • Centered on the business persons' needs and wants
  • Enabling the business person to reach his/her goals
  • Short term and specific
  • Done in person or on the phone.

In practice, coaching is a series of conversations between two people; one intent on making progress in some area of business and life, the other a skilled and empathetic person. The goal of coaching is to help the business person move from where they are to where they want to be.


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